Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society,Vol. 17 2014

Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society ; Vol. 17 ; 2014Preface Acadian Cemeteries in Nova Scotia: Places of Change Sally Ross The Reverend James MacGregor, Highland Shepherd Alan Wilson The Loyalist Plantation: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Informing Early African-Nova Scotian Settlement Katie Cottreau-Robins Arctic Moment: The Nova Scotian Institute of Sciences’s Halifax¬† – Hudson Bay Axis During the 1880s Suzanne Zeller The Halifax Explosion and the Spread of Rumour through Print Media, 1817 to the Present Gayle Graham and Bertrum H. MacDonald Policy regarding Genealogical Articles Terrence Punch Johannes Christopher Westhin/Whiston of Landshut, Bavaria and Halifax, Nova Scotia Norris Margeson Whiston Book Reviews ¬†

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