Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 18 2015


“A Tense and Courageous Performance”: The Role of the Honourable Allan J. MacEachen in the Creation, Passage and Implementation of Legislation for Medicare (Medical Care Act, 1966, Bill C-227)
G. Ross Langley and Joanne M. Langley

The “Monuments Woman”: Captain Edith Standen and the Restitution of Looted Art
Kirrily Freeman

Putting the War of 1812 to Rest
Deborah Trask

“Find a Hell before You Leave this World”: Maritimers as Prisoners of War, 1812 – 1815
Joshua M. Smith

“Religion Walked Forth in All Her Majesty”: The Opening of Holy Cross Cemetery and the Transformation of Halifax Catholicism
Terrence Murphy

Policy Regarding Genealogical Articles
Terrence M. Punch

Laurilliard of Montbéliard: A Founding Family of Halifax with Notable Connections
Terrence M. Punch

Book Reviews

Imprinting Britain: Newspapers, Sociability and the Shaping of British North America
Reviewed by Keith Grant

The Reverend Jacob Bailey Maine Loyalist: For God, King, Country, and for Self
Reviewed by Henry Roper

Consumers in the Bush: Shopping in Rural Upper Canada
Reviewed by Julian Gwyn

Celtic Threads: A Journey in Cape Breton Crafts
Reviewed by Laurie Stanley-Blackwell

Surviving Trench Warfare: Technology and the Canadian Corps, 1914-1918
Canada’s Bastion of Empire: Halifax, Victoria and the Royal Navy 1749-1918
Reviewed by Jay White

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