Jennifer Brady and Lindsey MacCallum

Jennifer Brady is a Registered Dietitian and Assistant Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University. Her broad interdisciplinary background informs her research interests which span critical, feminist perspectives of food, nutrition, eating, bodies, and expertise. She is particularly interested in the history and professionalization of dietetics and its forbearer, home economics, as well as health professionals’ roles in advancing social justice. Her work is primarily qualitative and includes oral history, phenomenology, autoethnography, collective biography, and the use of embodied methods, particularly cooking, as a mode of inquiry.

Lindsey MacCallum is the Scholarly Publishing Librarian at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She holds a BA History from the University of New Brunswick and a MA Librarianship from the University of Sheffield, UK. Her research interests include building capacity for scholarly communications at small academic institutions, the ethics of care in academia, and exploring the history of home economics in the Maritimes.

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