Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 43, 2021


Why Would a Girl Want to be Educated’: The History of Post-Secondary Home Economics Education in Nova Scotia, 1920-1980
Jennifer Brady and Lindsey MacCallum

The Unseeing State: Mi’kmaw Illegibility in Nova Scotia, 1876-1930
Grace McNutt

James Lorimer Ilsley: A Nova Scotia Liberal in National Politics
Barry Cahill

Research Notes

The Paper Remains of a Nova Scotia Family
Laurie Glenn Norris

Charles Samuels: Warrior, Messenger, Adventurer, Maroon
John N. Grant

Colonial Office Records 217, vol. 74: ‘An Account of Maroon Property Embarked with them from Nova Scotia to Sierra Leone’(1800): A Document Analysis
John N. Grant


The Illsleys
Heather Long CG(C)

Book Reviews

Margaret Conrad (2020). At the Ocean’s Edge: A History of Nova Scotia to Confederation. University of Toronto.
Robert Nicholas Berard

T. Joseph Scanlan (2020). Catastrophe: Stories and Lessons from the Halifax Explosion. Wilfred Laurier University.
David A. Sutherland

Gerlad Hallowell (2019). As British as the King: Lunenburg County during the First World War. Nimbus.
Philip L. Harding

Will Langford (2020). The Global Politics of Poverty in Canada: Development Programs and Democracy 1964-1979. McGill-Queens University Press.
Richard Starr

Steven Schwinghamer and Jan Rasks. Pier 21: A History. University of Ottawa Press.
Jay White

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