Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 22, 2019



Invisible Murders: The Trial for the Murders of the Emoneau Family of the Township of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia in 1791

Kenneth S. Paulsen 

Halifax Was Plunged Into Gloom: The Impact of the Spanish Influenza Pandemic on Nova Scotia

Alan Marble

“The Home of Cricket”: The Sport of Cricket in Pictou Country, to 1914

John G. Reid

Chief Justice Lorne Clarke: A Case Study in Canadian Judicial Biograpy

Barry Cahill 

The New Woman Worker of Shipbuilding: World War II Contributions on the Homefront

Kirby Ross

Research Notes

Documenting the Mills of Matheson Brook

Darrell Burke

Precursor to Viola Desmond: Henry Bundy Visits Dartmouth’s Dundas Theatre 

David A. Sutherland, with the assistance of David W. States 


Policy Regarding Genealogical Articles

Kenneth S. Paulsen

The Coolen Family of Nova Scotia.

Nathanial Smith

Book Reviews

Anya Ziberteing – A Temperature Empire: Making Climate Change in Early America
  Reviewed by Keith Grant

Joan Dawsonn – Nova Scotia’s Lost Communities: The Early Settlements that Helped Build the Province
  Reviewed by Jay White

Mary E. MacCara – Dispensing Aid: Driggists and the Halifax Explosion
  Reviewed by Brian Tuttle

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