Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 4 2001



Robert P. Harvey


Camp Avon at King’s College: Henrietta Russell’s Visit to Nova Scotia in 1893

Henry Roper


Robert Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Uniacke at St. George’s Church: Evangelical Fervour and Good Works, 1825-1870

Brian Cuthbertson


“I will not pin my faith to his sleeve”: Beamish Murdoch, Joseph Howe, and Responsible Government Revisited

Philip Girard


From Intimacy to Detachment: The History of Relations Between St. Francis Xavier University and the Diocese of Antigonish to 1970

James D. Cameron


Frederick William Wallace: The Making of an Iron Man

M. Brook Taylor


Public Health in Industrial Cape Breton, 1900-1930s

Peter L. Twohig


Louisbourg And Versailles, 1713-1745: A Case Study of Policy Initiatives From Below

Joy Varkey


Mathieu Da Costa along the Coasts of Nova Scotia: Some Possibilities

John Johnston


Book Reviews

New Voices on the Shores: Early Pennsylvania German Settlements in New Brunswick. German-Canadian Yearbook/ Deutschkanadisches Jahrbuch Vol. 16 [2000]

Reviewed by: Allen B. Robertson


Atlantic Canada: A Region in the Making

Reviewed by: Brian Cuthbertson


So Obstinately Loyal: James Moody 1744-1809

Reviewed by:Allen B. Robertson


Colonel David Fanning: The Adventures of a Carolina Loyalist

Reviewed by: Allen B. Robertson


The Hatch and Brood of Time: Five Phelps Families in the Atlantic World 1720-1880

Reviewed by: Allen B. Robertson

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