Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 6 2003

06-2003The Stanfield Government and Social Policy in Nova Scotia: 1956-1967

Jennifer Smith


Heaven is Herds & Crops: The Life & Career of Agricultural Editor Malcolm MacLeod, 1878-1935

Malcolm MacLeod & Cameron MacLeod


Melville Island Prison During the War of 1812

Brian Cuthbertson


William Eagar: Artist and Gentleman

Mora Dianne O’Neill


Black Refugee Communities in Early Nineteenth Century Nova Scotia

Harvey Amani Whitfield


“The Destruction of the Efficiency of the Hospital through Jobbery and Malfeasance”: The Provincial and City Hospital Dispute, 1885-1887

Allan E. Marble


The Story of Studley

Joan Payzant


“A Vista of Infinite Development:” Surveying Nova Scotia’s Early Tourism Industry

Jay White


Policy Regarding Genealogical Articles

Terrence M. Punch


A Genealogy: Introduction

Terrence M. Punch


The Meisner Family of Glauberg, Stolberg-Gedern, and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, 1650-1810

Kenneth S. Paulsen


 Book Reviews

Old and New World Highland Bagpiping

Reviewed by: Barry Shears


The Smoke-Eaters: A History of Firefighting in Nova Scotia, c. 1750-1950

Reviewed by: B.E.S.Rudachyk


Celebrate! The History and Folklore of Holidays in Nova Scotia. Halifax

Reviewed by: Laurie Stanley-Blackwell


Casting a Legend: The story of the Lunenburg Foundry

Reviewed by: Robert Tennant


Historic Sackville

Reviewed by: Terrence M. Punch


Banker, Builder, Blockade Runner: A Victorian Embezzler and His Circle

Reviewed by: Francis I.W. Jones

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