Consultation with General Membership

October 7, 2022

For many months now, the Council of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society has wished to consult with the General Membership regarding several business items which fall outside the context of regular Monthly Meetings. Now that in-person gatherings are again possible, we are finally able to convene such a meeting  – Saturday morning 15 October in the Akins Room at the NS Archives, 6016 University Avenue, 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon (Atlantic). The consultation will also be available via Zoom (click here to join), especially for those at a distance who would like to participate. As well as members of the Society, we also welcome interested observers.

The agenda will include the following, with specific Council and Editorial Board Members present to introduce items, respond to questions, and invite discussion:  

  • An update on the Society’s Journal – the move to Érudit, Canada’s academic electronic publishing platform, and what members can expect going forward; recent changes within management.
  • The move to Halifax Central Library for our monthly meetings and lectures – a trial partnership and what this means for members; the slight rebranding required to fit the Library’s marketing template.
  • The Way Forward’ – why now seems an opportune time to look back, refresh ourselves, and move forward; the Working Group and what’s been accomplished so far; proposed next steps; input from the general membership.
  • An update on the Community Grants Initiative – a two-year trial undertaking, providing modest financial support to the broader community, and now entering its second year.
  • Proposed resumption of the Society’s Annual Banquet…our first since 2019!
  • Questions from the floor.

We look forward to sharing information on these recent developments, and to soliciting your feedback and input. We look forward to seeing YOU, either in person or online, Saturday 15 October!

Warmest regards,
Lois Yorke

Lois K. Yorke
Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society


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