Dr. Elizabeth Mancke

Elizabeth-ManckeDr. Elizabeth Mancke is the Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canadian Studies at the University of New Brunswick.  Her research has focused on how European overseas expansion has shaped political practices and institutions from local government to international relations, an interest that grew out of early research on Atlantic Canada where many practices were experimented with and honed.  Her publications include The Fault Lines of Empire: Political Differentiation in Massachusetts and Nova Scotia, c.1760-1830, and Britain’s Oceanic Empire: Atlantic and Indian Ocean Worlds, 1500-1850, co-edited with Huw V. Bowen and John G. Reid, as well as a number of articles.  She is currently engaged in developing a database of all the pre-Confederation legislation of the British North American colonist, from 1758 to 1867, as well as writing a book entitled Imperium Unbound: European Overseas Expansion and the Making of Modern Geopolitics.

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