Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 16 2013

Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society ; Vol. 16 ; 2013 Preface
Bertrum MacDonald

The King’s County World of The Reverend Edward Manning to 1846
Julian Gwyn

The Three Lives of Edward Cornwallis
John G. Reid

The Life and Career of M. Lillian Burke, 1880-1952
Edward M. Langille

Chinese Migration to the Maritimes: The Early Years, 1890-1947
James Morrison, Grace Bell and Albert Lee

A Fond but Extravagant Farewell: The Halifax Funeral of Prime Minister Sir John Thompson, 1895
David Sutherland

Louisa Neville, c. 1793-1841: Mrs. Thomas Chandler Haliburton
Allen Penney

“Making Room for Wildlife and Tourists”: Contrasting Visions over Preserved Landscapes at the Proposed Ship Harbour National Park
Alison Froese-Stoddard

Imagining a Liberal Enlightenment: D.C. Harvey and a “Laboratory of History: for Nova Scotia Ian McKay Marbhrann do Donusll Mac-Gillios ph’ann am mor-thir Leaonas mac-gilliosa, an Ceann Loch-Morthir. (Deathverse for Donald Gillis who was in Morar) By Angus Gillis in Kinlock-Morar
John. G. Gibson

Policy Regarding Genealogical Articles
Terrence M.Punch

An Account of the Family and Descendants of Dr. John Halliburton (1739-1808) of Halifax, Nova Scotia
Gordon MacKay Haliburton  

Book Reviews

Celts in the Americas
Reviewed by Jerry White

The Education of an Innocent: An Autobiography
Reviewed by Corey Slumkoski

Nova Scotia’s Historic Rivers: The Waterways that Shaped the Province
Reviewed by Michael Earle

Cape Breton Railways: An Illustrated History
Reviewed by Jay Underwood

How Agriculture Made Canada: Farming in the Nineteenth Century
Reviewed by Julian Gwyn

City of Order: Crime and Society in Halifax
Reviewed by Henry Roper

Land and Sea: Environmental History in Atlantic Canada
Reviewed by Matthew G. Hatvany  

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