Dr. Terrance Murphy

MurphyTerry Murphy is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies and History at Saint Mary’s University. A specialist in the religious history of Canada, he is the co-author/co-editor of three books in this field: Religion and Identity: the Experience of Irish and Scottish Catholics in Atlantic Canada (Jesperson Press, 1987), Creed and Culture: the place of English-speaking Catholics in Canadian Society, 1750-1930, (McGill-Queen’s University Press,1993) and A Concise History of Christianity in Canada (Oxford University Press, 1996). In addition to these books, he has contributed a number of articles to Canadian and international academic journals and reference works. He is past editor and a long-time editorial board member of the Canadian Catholic Historical Society’s journal, Historical Studies. He is currently a collaborator on  a SSHRC partnership project to study the Irish population of Halifax in the nineteenth century. His contribution to the project will focus on the transformation of the religious life of Roman Catholics in the middle decades of the nineteenth century.

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