World Premiere of “Never A Syllable” – 25-29 March

NeverASyllable “Never A Syllable” provides an original and provocative interpretation of what happened in Halifax and Nova Scotia during the War of 1812.  Written by Paul Robinson with Pamela Halstead and presented by Onelight Theatre in association with Alderney Landing,


November 13, 1813 ~

As war rages in the Canadas, a hurricane devastates much of Britain’s Halifax-based North Atlantic fleet. Amid the devastation, an order is received from the Governor General: 220 sailors, recent recruits from the London streets, are to be sent 1,500 km overland from Halifax to Kingston in the dead of winter—a route that few settlers have crossed, where the assistance of the Mi’kmaq and Maliseet is crucial to survival.

The Admiral is also facing challenges closer to home—the growing unhappiness of his daughter in this garrison town and increasing demands from restless local leaders who are determined to turn Halifax into the jewel of the North.


Starring Gordon White, John Dartt, Brian Heighton, Andrea Lee Norwood and Michael McPhee. See for details and ticket information.

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