Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 3 2000



Robert P. Harvey


The North End City Mission: Building Use in the Old North End

Judith Fingard


Birth of a Lawyer: James McGregor Stewart and the Halifax Bar on the Eve of the Great War

Barry Cahill


Halifax’s New South End, the North West Arm Land Company and a Parkland Legacy

Janet E. Chute


They Must Cultivate the Land: Abraham Gesner as Indian Commissioner, 1847-1853

Elizabeth Haigh


Nova Scotia’s Response to the Crystal Palace: The Provincial Industrial Exhibition of 1854

David A. Sutherland


Building a School of Nursing with Rockefeller Money: Three Nova Scotians at the University of Toronto

John Farley


“Hörte Ich dass…”: Travels of a Rhinelander in Nova Scotia in 1807

Terrence M. Punch; D. Litt


Travels of a Rhinelander through the North American States: In Nova Scotia, 1807

George Andreas Gottlieb


Yorkshire Settlement Beyond Chignecto

William B. Hamilton


Eugene Meuse’s Carding Bee: Portrait of an Acadian Village

Susan Young


Reverend William James Clarke: Chignecto Covenanter Castaway

Eldon Hay


The Pedigree of the Blind Piper of Gairloch

John G. Gibson, John G


The Almons of Halifax and Their Descendants (continued from Volume 2 of the Journal)

Heather Long


Book Reviews

African Exploits: The Diaries of William Stairs, 1887-1992

Reviewed by: John Eustace


St. Paul’s in the Grand Parade, 1749-1999

Reviewed by: Henry Roper


J. B. McLachlan: A Biography

Reviewed by: Scott Burbidge


Halifax: The First 250 Years

Reviewed by: Glenn Hancock


Working for the Best: The Life and Letters of Annie Leake Tuttle

Reviewed by:Lisa Gauder


Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 2 1999



David B. Flemming


“But Such is Life”: Growing Up in Nova Scotia in the Interwar Years

Margaret Conrad


Alderman Thomas Spence: The Dick Whittington of Halifax

Janet Guildford


The Aborted British Invasion: The Case of Swan Hunter Shipbuilders, 1899-1914

James D. Frost


A Hot Southern Town: Confederate Sympathizers in Halifax during the American Civil War

Francis I. W. Jones


History of the Grand Parade and Halifax City Hall

Brian Cuthbertson


The Bishop, the President and the Professor: Turmoil at the University of King’s College in the 1880s

Henry Roper


The Culture of Work: In the Halifax Naval Yard before 1820

Julian Gwyn


Rescue and Reward: Corporal George Liston’s Heroism on the Halifax Waterfront

Judith Fingard


City Upon A Hill: Architecture and Identity in Colonial Halifax

Allen B. Robertson


“To Consummate that Great Desideratum-A General Hospital”

Allan Marble


A Slave Ship Made Captive: The Schooner Severn

Dan Conlin


A Genealogy: The Almons of Halifax and Their Descendants

Heather Long


Book Reviews

Alone at Sea. The Adventures of Joshua Slocum

Reviewed by: George Parker


Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 1 1998



David B. Flemming


Marconi’s Three Transatlantic Radio Stations In Cape Breton

Henry M. Bradford.


John Cabot and His Historians: Five Hundred Years of Controversy

Brian Cuthbertson


“A Worrisome Time”: Life in the Maritimes During World War II

Helen Jean M. Nugent


“Come East, Young Man!” The Politics of Rural Depopulation in Nova Scotia, 1900-1925

Paul Brown


A Historiography of Private Sea War in Nova Scotia

Dan Conlin


A Prince, The Governor, and Mr. Mayor: Halifax and the Politics of Prestige in 1841

David Sutherland


The Perils of Dalhousie History and Analogous Ventures

P.B. Waite


A Slice Of Golfing History: The Development Of Golf In Nova Scotia, 1895-1945

Allan Dunlop


“To the Relief of Malignant Diseases of the Poor”: The Acquisition of Radium for Halifax, 1916-1926

Charles R. R. Hayter


Three Archbishops And A Cardinal: His Eminence James C. McGuigan And The Prelates Of Halifax, 1931-1964

Peter McGuigan


Bringing ‘Salvation’ to the ‘Heathen’: The Forty Year Sojourn of The Reverend Joseph Annand In The New Hebrides

Arthur M. Smith


Genealogy: Editorial Introduction

Allen B. Robertson


A Genealogy: The Descendants of Michael Donovan (1770-1998)

Gail Judge


Book Reviews

The Wellington Dyke

Reviewed by: Jim Snowdon