Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 21, 2018



The Halifax Explosion – Fourteen Years After

The Reverend Dr. Samuel Henry Prince
Prepared for publication by Heather Long and Barry Cahill



Ordinary People; Extraordinary Times: Minnie and Stewart Ross confront the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion

David Sutherland


The Training of the Jewish Legion in Windsor, Nova Scotia, during the First World War

Sara Beanlands


From the Merchants’ Bank of Halifax to the Royal Bank of Canada: 1864–1908

James D. Frost


James Harris, a Disbanded Soldier of the Duke of Cumberland Regiment, in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, 1783–1800

Arthur Stone


Research Notes

An Index to Ground Zero: A Reassessment of the 1917 Explosion in Halifax Harbour,
Alan Ruffman and Colin D. Howell, eds (Halifax, 1994)

Heather Long


Policy Regarding Genealogical Articles

Kenneth S. Paulsen


The Völcker Ancestry of the Wile, Hupman, Huphman, and some Hutt families of Nova Scotia, 1640–1800: A Foreign Protestant Family that ‘Daughtered Out’

Kenneth Paulsen

Book Reviews

Claire Campbell – Nature, Place, and Story: Rethinking Historic Sites in Canada
  Reviewed by Jonathan Fowler

Shirley Tillotson – Give and Take: The Citizen-Taxpayer and the Rise of Canadian Democracy
  Reviewed by Julian Gwyn

Brian Tennyson – Nova Scotia at War, 1914—1919
  Reviewed by Major Ken Hynes

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