Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 1 1998



David B. Flemming


Marconi’s Three Transatlantic Radio Stations In Cape Breton

Henry M. Bradford.


John Cabot and His Historians: Five Hundred Years of Controversy

Brian Cuthbertson


“A Worrisome Time”: Life in the Maritimes During World War II

Helen Jean M. Nugent


“Come East, Young Man!” The Politics of Rural Depopulation in Nova Scotia, 1900-1925

Paul Brown


A Historiography of Private Sea War in Nova Scotia

Dan Conlin


A Prince, The Governor, and Mr. Mayor: Halifax and the Politics of Prestige in 1841

David Sutherland


The Perils of Dalhousie History and Analogous Ventures

P.B. Waite


A Slice Of Golfing History: The Development Of Golf In Nova Scotia, 1895-1945

Allan Dunlop


“To the Relief of Malignant Diseases of the Poor”: The Acquisition of Radium for Halifax, 1916-1926

Charles R. R. Hayter


Three Archbishops And A Cardinal: His Eminence James C. McGuigan And The Prelates Of Halifax, 1931-1964

Peter McGuigan


Bringing ‘Salvation’ to the ‘Heathen’: The Forty Year Sojourn of The Reverend Joseph Annand In The New Hebrides

Arthur M. Smith


Genealogy: Editorial Introduction

Allen B. Robertson


A Genealogy: The Descendants of Michael Donovan (1770-1998)

Gail Judge


Book Reviews

The Wellington Dyke

Reviewed by: Jim Snowdon


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