Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 2 1999



David B. Flemming


“But Such is Life”: Growing Up in Nova Scotia in the Interwar Years

Margaret Conrad


Alderman Thomas Spence: The Dick Whittington of Halifax

Janet Guildford


The Aborted British Invasion: The Case of Swan Hunter Shipbuilders, 1899-1914

James D. Frost


A Hot Southern Town: Confederate Sympathizers in Halifax during the American Civil War

Francis I. W. Jones


History of the Grand Parade and Halifax City Hall

Brian Cuthbertson


The Bishop, the President and the Professor: Turmoil at the University of King’s College in the 1880s

Henry Roper


The Culture of Work: In the Halifax Naval Yard before 1820

Julian Gwyn


Rescue and Reward: Corporal George Liston’s Heroism on the Halifax Waterfront

Judith Fingard


City Upon A Hill: Architecture and Identity in Colonial Halifax

Allen B. Robertson


“To Consummate that Great Desideratum-A General Hospital”

Allan Marble


A Slave Ship Made Captive: The Schooner Severn

Dan Conlin


A Genealogy: The Almons of Halifax and Their Descendants

Heather Long


Book Reviews

Alone at Sea. The Adventures of Joshua Slocum

Reviewed by: George Parker


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