Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 12 2009


Henry Roper


Writing Reform: Amelia Fytche and Her Literary Context, 1890-1918

Gwendolyn Davies


“Symbolizing in Stone” an event of “Imperishable Importance:” Halifax’s Memorial Tower and Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Representative Government



James Cook: Cartographer in the Making 1758-1762

Sheila Johnson Kindred


The Golden Age of Piracy in Nova Scotia: Three Case Studies, 1720-1724

Dan Conlin


Thomas Chandler Haliburton and Steamships

Richard A.Davies


“Wild Bill” Livingstone Goes to War: A Diary and Letters 1916-19

Brian Douglas Tennyson


Operations at Fort Beauséjour and Grand-Pré in 1755: A Soldier’s Diary

Jonathan Fowler & Earle Lockerby


Policy Regarding Genealogical Articles

Terrence M. Punch


A Genealogy: Introduction

Terrence M. Punch


The White Family of Lunenburg, Kings and Queens Counties: a Scots-Irish Family

Kenneth S. Paulsen


Book Reviews

Erin’s Sons: Irish arrivals in Atlantic Canada 1761-1853. Vol. II

Reviewed by: R.G. Beed


Captain Alex MacLean: Jack London’s Sea Wolf

Reviewed by: Michael Earle


Canada’s Atlantic Gateway: An illustrated history of the Port of Halifax

Reviewed by: Peter Moreira


Dance to the Piper: The Highland Bagpipe in Nova Scotia

Reviewed by: Scott MacMillan


The Reluctant Land. Society, Space, and the Environment in Canada before Confederation

Reviewed by: Julian Gwyn

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