Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 13 2010


Henry Roper

The Ritchie Sisters and Social Improvement in Early 20th Century Halifax

Judith Fingard


Slavery in English Nova Scotia, 1750-1810

Harvey Amani Whitfield


“I sold it as an industry as much as anything else”: Nina Cohen, the Cape Breton Miners’ Museum and Canada’s 1967 Centennial Celebrations

Meaghan Beaton


Halifax’s Encounter with the North-West Uprising of 1885

David A. Sutherland


Rum, Revenue and Roads: The Licensing of Public Houses in Nova Scotia, 1749-1831

Emily Burton


“Remarks and Rough Memorandums”: Social Sets, Sociability, and Community in the Journal of William Booth, Shelburne, 1787 and 1789(1)

Bonnie Huskins


The Little White Schoolhouse: Myth and Reality in Nova Scotian Education, 1850-1940

Paul Bennett


Policy Regarding Genealogical Articles

Terrence M. Punch


A Genealogy: Introduction

Terrence M. Punch


Flemming of Ketch Harbour: The First Five Generations

Terrence M. Punch


Book Reviews


Reviewed by: Greg Marquis


Book Review: The Lion & the Lily: Nova Scotia between 1600-1760, Vol. I & Vol II

Reviewed by: Jeff Turner


Book Review: A Trying Question: The jury in nineteenth-century Canada

Reviewed by: Michael Boudreau


Book Review: IWK: A century of caring for families

Reviewed by: Frances Gregor


Book Review: The Grammar School: Striving for excellence for 50 years in a public school world

Reviewed by: Malcolm MacLeod


Book Review: Remembering and Forgetting in Acadie: A historians’ journey through public memory

Reviewed by: Malcolm MacLeod


Book Review: Nova Scotia’s Lost Highways: The early roads that shaped the province

Reviewed by: Laurie Stanley-Blackwell


Book Review: Discovering Cape Breton Folklore

Reviewed by: Michael Earle

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