Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 14 2011

Bertrum H. MacDonald

“Writing my memoirs depressed me”: Florence E. Welton and the CCF in Nova Scotia

Smith, Nathaniel; Guildford, Janet.

Medical Education and Health Research Innovator: Chester Bryant Stewart (1910-1999), MD, OC.

G. Ross Langley

Thomas Chandler Haliburton: Complications and Contradictions

Henry Roper

Dempsey Jordan (c. 1771/72-1859): Teacher, Preacher, Farmer, Community Leader, and Loyalist Settler at Guysborough and Tracadie

John N. Grant

Learning the Law: the Legal Apprenticeship of William Young in Nineteenth-Century Halifax

William H. Laurence

Small Pleasures: Gifts and Trade in Personal Correspondence between France and Louisbourg

Anne Marie Lane Jonah

“An immediate solution to our nurse shortage”: The reorganization of nursing work in Nova Scotia, 1940-1970

Peter L. Twohig

Loss of Social Cohesion in early 20th Century Africville

Judith Fingard

A Further Note on Captain Thomas Durell’s Charts of Nova Scotia

William Welch

Policy Regarding Genealogical Articles

Terrence M. Punch

A Tradition of Religious Service: The Quinans of Nova Scotia

Heather Long


Book Reviews

Rise Again! The Story of Cape Breton Island
Reviewed by: Brian Douglas Tennyson

Elizabeth LeFort: Canada’s Artist in Wool/L’artiste canadienne de la laine

Reviewed by: Joan Dawson

Captain James Cook in Atlantic Canada: The Adventurer and Map Maker’s Formative Years

Reviewed by: Sheila Kindred

Building Democracy: The History and Architecture of the Legislative Buildings of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick

Reviewed by: Allen Penny

Underground Nova Scotia: Stories of Archaeology

Reviewed by: William Naftel

The Capture of Louisbourg, 1758

Reviewed by: Julian Gwyn

Making Up the State: Women in 20th-Century Atlantic Canada

Reviewed by: Judith Fingard

Sweet Suburb: A History of Prince’s Lodge, Birch Cove & Rockingham
Reviewed by: M. Brook Taylor

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