Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 15 2012

Bertrum H. MacDonald

Four Hundred Years of Mapping in the Upper Bay of Fundy: Changing Coastal Environments and Economies, 1550-1950
Robert Summerby-Murray

Liability or Asset?: Support for Newfoundland’s Entry into Confederation in Cape Breton and Halifax
Corey Slumkoski

Diphtheria and the Doctors: The Halifax Epidemic of 1890-91
David A. Sutherland

“Altogether Unsatisfactory”: Revisiting the Opening of the Immigration Facility at Halifax’s Pier 21
Steven Schwinghamer  

The M. Lillian Burke Archive at the Beaton Institute
Edward M. Langille  

The Union Bank of Halifax, 1856-1910
James D. Frost  

James Murray Beck
Allan Dunlop  

Policy Regarding Genealogical Articles
Terrence M. Punch.  

Three Generations of the Descendants of Corporal John Robertson and Margaret Hauptman
Eleanor Robertson Smith  

Book Reviews

Heroes of the Acadian Resistance: The Story of Joseph Beausoleil Broussard and Pierre II Surette, 1702-1765
Reviewed by: Sally Ross  

Vanishing Schools, Theatened Communities: the contested schoolhouse in Maritime Canada, 1850-2010
Reviewed by: Robert Nicholas Bérard  

A Colonial Portrait: The Halifax Diaries of Lady Sherbrooke 1811-1816
Reviewed by: Sheila Johnson Kindre  

The Intrigues of Archbishop John T. McNally and the Rise of Saint Mary’s University
Reviewed by: Blair Beed  

Necessaries and Sufficiencies: Planter Society in Londonderry, Onslow and Truro Townships, 1761-1780
Reviewed by: Julian Gwyn

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