‘Why would a girl want to be educated?’ The History of Home Economics Post-Secondary Education in Nova Scotia

Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 7:00 pm (AST), via Zoom

Jennifer Brady
Registered Dietitian and Assistant Professor, Mount Saint Vincent University
Lindsey MacCallum
Scholarly Publishing Librarian, Mount Saint Vincent University

Abstract: Through their training, education, and work in communities, home economists led women’s earliest efforts to politicize domestic work and social issues that shaped the everyday lives of women and their families, such as public sanitation and education, women’s rights, food security and sustainability, and fair labour practices. Dr. Brady and Ms. MacCallum will discuss the development, experiences, and stereotypes faced by women in post-secondary home economics programs in Nova Scotia through a critical analysis of archival documents and oral history interviews of former students, staff, and faculty of those very programs.

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